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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Archaeology and Rare Spawn money making! by Timewave

As of patch 4.3, one survey node grants more artifact fragments- an upwards of 9! With this in consideration, plus the vendor values of completed artifacts, making money from Archaeology now sounds more desirable. And you may just pick it back up since this also means you might get your rares faster, too! Head past the jump to read more.

Friday, December 30, 2011

A Video Overview of The Mobile Auction House by Ruls

I was sitting around last night thinking of the best way to express how useful and how much fun the Remote AH subscription has been for me since I signed up going on two months ago. After deciding that I had not made a YouTube video in quite some time I set out to find a convenient method of recording the "action" of the Android WoW Armory app. Here is the video that followed explaining the basic usage of the application...

Big Props to AShot for making this video possible.

 There are a few highlights that have been implemented to make the mobile browsing experience more comfortable for a touchscreen and also without your addons.


  • You may choose to filter out auctions that do not have buyouts.
  • Search results feed in order of lowest buyout first. Default UI sorts by level and rarity first with the option to sort by bid price.
  • Multiple same-auctions from a single seller are grouped for easy bulk buying. Buy all 20 stacks of their Elementium Ore with a single click!
  • Same item auctions from multiple sellers are grouped for space saving and easy price comparison.

My Auctions:

  • Cancel auction and check for undercuts available on item-by-item basis.
  • You can check your sold auctions and claim the gold from your mailbox.
  • Show ended auctions and relist directly from this interface.


  • Post items directly from your bags, mailbox, or bank!
  • Several filters available to organize all your items for sale - much more refined than In Game UI.
  • Will automatically undercut for you by an adjustable amount (default is one copper).
  •  "Similar Auctions" generate and allow you to directly buyout the competition without having to leave the selling page for your item.

There are some things to consider when using the Mobile AH though:

  • There is a $2.99 subscription per month to sale or buy anything. Browsing can be done free.
  • You are limited to 200 transactions (posting+buying) per day through the mobile interface.
  • Item models for weapons and armor are not available through the app at this time. You have to tab to the web browser to search for the model.
  • It cannot post from your guild bank which is important for alts with personal gbank storage.
  • "Similar Auctions" on selling page makes no distinction between random modifier suffixes ("of the monkey", "of intellect", etc). Keep this in mind if you are pricing based on the stats as it will undercut the lowest auction regardless of stat-modifier.

I hope you enjoyed the new video and have a wonderful New Year :)

You can contact me on Twitter @Formerruling or subscribe to my YouTube channel Formerruling


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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Revisiting Low Level Herb Farming by farli_wow

Thanks to flux for letting me do this post and big thanks also to Faid (Nerf Faids) and Cold (Cold's Gold Factory) for providing some inspiration/ideas.

Remember Faid did that rare mobs in blasted lands video? (See "Blasted Lands - WoW Gold Rush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes")

You could do it on a miner/herbalist and combine farming raw materials, with farming rare mobs. Well you can do something similar in Hillsbrad foothills. More after the jump.