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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Archaeology and Rare Spawn money making! by Timewave

As of patch 4.3, one survey node grants more artifact fragments- an upwards of 9! With this in consideration, plus the vendor values of completed artifacts, making money from Archaeology now sounds more desirable. And you may just pick it back up since this also means you might get your rares faster, too! Head past the jump to read more.

Along with this, I have also been able to make some good gold off of another thing we encounter while out and about in Azeroth - rare spawns! With transmogrification, the value of even lower level blues and greens has gone up for some of the cooler looking pieces.

The best part is that you may often times find that such items are not in the AH, leaving you to be the judge of the price! If you come across such cool looking pieces, post them up for a pretty penny, advertise, and see that it may sell!

I recommend that you equip yourself with NPCScan while out and about in Azeroth to make detecting rare spawns a lot easier I often use this method to not only take a break from running dungeons and camping trade to complete my rare artifact collection, but to also continue my income.

-Timewave of Barthilas.

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