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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Revisiting Low Level Herb Farming by farli_wow

Thanks to flux for letting me do this post and big thanks also to Faid (Nerf Faids) and Cold (Cold's Gold Factory) for providing some inspiration/ideas.

Remember Faid did that rare mobs in blasted lands video? (See "Blasted Lands - WoW Gold Rush - Gold Making in 15 Minutes")

You could do it on a miner/herbalist and combine farming raw materials, with farming rare mobs. Well you can do something similar in Hillsbrad foothills. More after the jump.

Rare Spawn - Lo'Grosh

Rare Spawn - Gravis Slipknot

Rare Spawn - Jimmy the Bleeder

Rare Spawn - Araga

Results for my Tauren Druid with 310% flying and in a level 25 guild.

15 minutes in Hillsbrad foothills

91 Mageroyal
34 Swiftthistle
122 Briathorn
35 Bruiseweed
3 Gravemoss
4 Bind on equip greens

Raw herb value using mean EU TUJ data is 505g.
This is around 2000g an hour.

Frozen Herbs are what really boost the amount of herbs you pick up; you might recognise these from WOTLK. When you gather it you will get a random herb that is local to that area.

Try to hit several markets with your herbs by diversifying and hopefully making more gold per post cycle.

1) Sell herbs to people levelling Alchemy/ Inscription. (stacks of 1/10/20)

2) Sell swiftness potions to twinks/those levelling via PvP / maxed PvP players (stacks of 1/5)

3) Sell inks. (Stacks of 3)

4) Sell Glyphs (Easier said than done on some realms)

Don’t farm lots and flood the market, see it as a Daily. 500g for 15mintues.
Don’t under price greens; you are selling them not only for the stats but also the looks.

I also like to sometimes go west of Hillsbrad into Silverpine Forest and pick up some Earthroot for Elixir of Giant Growth.

Other places to investigate:

Khadgars whiskers, WPL

Kingsblood, STV


We want to give huge thanks to farli_wow for being our first ever post here on the Hatchery. Also big congratulations to farli_wow for hitting 1 million gold! We can't wait to read more about how you did it.

Follow farli on twitter: @farli_wow.
Read farli's blog: The Overcut

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