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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Banking Off Unwanted Christmas Gifts! by Timewave

The Holiday Pets Market.

The Winter Veil has just ended, and just like after visiting your grandma for a holiday get together, many people are left with something they already have and wish to get rid of quickly.

If you look at your server's auction house within the first week or 2 after the end of Winter Veil, you will notice it is flooded with the various holiday pets from under the tree.

These pets, by name, are Snowman Kit, Red Helper Box, Green Helper Box, and Jingling Bell.
These are likely from players who just wish to get rid of a pet they already know for some quick money. Read on past the jump for more.

If you were smart like me, you would have cycled through all your alts and grabbed the pets from under the tree to save for later to sell when the supply on the AH diminishes and the price goes up.

Even if you are like me, or just want an opportunity to make a profit in the long run, you may want to consider keeping an eye on the AH and snatching these pets when the price hits rock bottom due to a high supply and a low demand.

This will happen for the first month perhaps, but, as the year goes on, less and less will be found on the AH.
You may also dare to advertise in trade to buy people's pets for 100g each, or whatever you feel is a decent price that will yield a seller, yet, a profit later on.

Whichever method you use to nab the pets cheap, hold on to them for a few months and watch the market. Once the supply is low or even zero, take that opportunity to re-post the pets for a nice profit.

Apply this concept to similar occasions in the future!

It's yet another way to make gold easily when you don't mind letting something sit in your bank for a few months until the opportunity arises.

-Timewave of Barthilas

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  1. Great advice, can't wait to try it. To the author: friend wants me to move to Barthilas, Horde. Is there room for competition? :)