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Monday, January 9, 2012

Do not be afraid to Haggle! by Laraku

Hi, Laraku @ShavedSilver here with a quick profit booster.

In many countries around the world, it is considered a normal part of the buying/selling process to haggle over the price.  In fact, you may actually offend by not arguing! Or at least prove you are an ignorant tourist. Head past the jump for more.

However usually in the USA, it is frowned upon (except at yard sales and used car lots) as it is assumed the posted price is what the seller wants.

Be aware as an Auric Accumulator (TM pending :>) you can increase your profits at both ends of the buying/selling cycle.

Here is a recent example:
/2 selling stack of Truegold, pst
/me price?
-- never hurts to ask
/2 9.5k
/2 thats 475g each
-- now I know on this server (its all about the server TM @PowerWordGold)
-- that its Monday, low volume, he doe not have many customers on
-- that AH has Truegold currently going for 475 - 500g, but only singles posted
-- that I know I can post a stack of 10 for 600g each on fridays
-- and someone will buy it simply for the convenience of not having to click Buy 10 times.
/me how about 450?
/2 you want the stack or just some units
-- he would rather sell the whole stack now, so might take less
-- remember the worst outcome is he says no, and I go back to prospecting.
/me the whole 20
/2 I can do that for 8.5
/me sold!

When I sell it at 6k per stack of 10, thats 12000g
So instead of 12000 - 9500 = 2500 profit
I end up with  12000 - 8500 = 3500 profit
How often do you make/save 1000g simply by asking?
That's jingle in the pocket anyway you shake it.
So remember: Do not be afraid to Haggle!


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