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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fast Respawn Farming in AQ20 by farli_wow

Use this video to get into a raid with yourself: How To Enter Raids All By Yourself.

Why am I farming mobs in AQ20? Read on to find out.

Items like Exalted, Glorious, Magnificent, Impenetrable, etc. can drop off trash in AQ20.

I am trying to get Tier 1/ Tier 2 loot like Glorious Breastplate but you will also get very rare greens which have 0.07% drop rates or less.

My stats from 7 hours in AQ20: 7k gold from Transmog sales and 18 greens still trying to sell and 1 Glorious Breastplate.

We will be entering AQ20 killing some trash skipping boss 1 and 2 and then getting to the mobs we are really after.

Kill first 2 mobs

Kill these 2 mobs

Stay to your left and ride past boss 1

Stay to your right and skip boss 2

These are the 2 mobs you will be farming

These are the instant respawn mobs Qiraji Gladiator

Need Cenarion Circle rep?
These guys give 10 Rep per kill all the way to exalted!
From neutral to exalted that’s only 4200 kills…..

Get killing!

Good luck!

Extra Info: If you get a lot of bows/guns/wands best bet is to Disenchant them as you can get Greater eternal essences as well as Illusion dust.

Extra info: If you find yourself coming in and out of AQ20 a lot check to see if a rare mob called Setis is up as he drops good stuff and is about 50 yards from the entrance of AQ20


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  1. You must be mind reader Farli, just a few hours ago I was flying above AQ and thinking to my self hey I need to come here. Well done and welcome to blogging ?=