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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Selling Mats on the AH by Kaelq

Selling Mats is something a lot of people do to make gold. There are effective ways to post them to guarantee sales. For example, enchanting materials (especially cataclysm mats) are fast sellers since lots of people are always getting upgrades that need to be enchanted. Read on past the jump for more.

Let’s say you have some Hypnotic Dust to unload. (See image above.)

As you can see the pricing for this is all over the place. What you want to do is decide how much you need to sell these for in order to make a profit. For me, its 2g 25s each.
I posted in stacks of 5, 10 and 20. The most effective way to post them if you have a bunch is: 2,4,5,6,8,10,12,15,20. It’s a lot of stacks, I know. But you will have better luck making sales if you do. These are the most common amounts people need for enchants.

The reason this works is, what I like to call, “The Lazy Tax”. Basically, people buy one of your stacks of 12 for higher because they don’t want to have to buyout 4 stacks of 3, or 6 stacks of 2. People are lazy, and they don’t mind spending a little bit more (sometimes A LOT more) for items that are pre-stacked.

This method works for almost any material for any profession! Look through the professions that use the materials that you are trying to sell, and stack accordingly. Don’t get discouraged if you do not get a lot of sales. This method is used mostly for the long term sale and for maximizing profits. If this is a small part of your gold making strategy, then the long term sales are for you. If this is your first or only way of making gold, then you still want to post in the stack sizes mentioned above, while also undercutting at a price point that is comfortable for you.

More to come! Good luck, have fun, and happy gold making!

-Kaelq – Bladefist

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  1. Woot! Thanks Jim! After reading it over i found a few errors. Is there any way to edit it or does it stay "as is"? Either way I hope it helps!

    1. Send me corrections via email and I'll work on getting them fixed.