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Friday, October 19, 2012

Strange Dust Selling by Thraul

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Hallow's End has begun and now its time to reset the market on an unusual piece of material [Strange Dust].

Strange Dust is required for a quest turn in [Taking Precautions] which is part of a small quest chain that rewards a [Creepy Crate].

So for those people that are stocking up on Battle Pets this is a nice item to sell.

I bought out my AH last night of Strange Dust. They were selling for about 50s a piece. Picked up about 1000 pieces. I have managed to flip them for between 8g - 10g a piece.

I can flip these for anything above 50s and make a profit. I was the only one doing this for a few hours. Did not take long for competition to creep in but prices are still sitting at about 4g - 5g a piece.

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