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Friday, March 29, 2013

Great Deals for Big Bucks By Erogroth

There are many ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. One of the easiest is to flip items. Flipping is the process of buying items at a cheap price off the AH and then selling them (or flipping them) for a higher price. There are many items you can flip but one of my favorites is that of rare crafting patterns and recipes.  Learn more after the break!

There are many formulas, plans, patterns, and such in the game that have very low drop rates and thus sell very well. Many people are collectors of these items because they want to be able to craft every item in the game for their given profession. Despite being low level and having little use for resale of the actual crafted item these patterns and recipes sell for quite a bit. There are some that are not even in the game anymore but someone has had it sitting in an alt bank for the past 3 years and found it while cleaning house.

Elvine of turned me on to many of these. He had a list of Auctionator Shopping lists which he put out with these items. I took the time to convert these to TSM Dealfinding lists which I use in combination with the TSM app to notify me if any of these items appear on the AH so I can scoop them up and flip them for some big profits.

An example of an item I picked up cheap and flipped for some nice profit.

The following are the TSM dealfinding list versions of Elvine's Auctionator Shopping lists found here.

I set the prices based on what I felt you could buy it at and make a profit. I basically used the undermine journal ( global prices which you can also see on wowhead. Feel free to adjust based on what you feel is a good price for you.

If you need some instruction on importing dealfinding lists to TSM Jim of has a great article here with instructions along with some more useful dealfinding lists or Elvine has one here as well. Enjoy!

Rare Formulas:

Rare Patterns:

Rare Plans:

Rare Recipes:

Rare Schematics:

Recipes No Longer In Game:

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