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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Can't hold all these pets! by Tauna

Today's Hatchery post was submitted by Tauna who writes A Little Bird Gold Me. If you'd like your own original gold-making writing to appear on The Hatchery simply email the post, title, images and your name/pseudonym to with the word "Hatchery" as part of the subject line and we'll get it posted.

Recently went on a little binge over on my Alliance character that I was planning on bringing over. She's a warlock from my old realm who I wanted over on my new Horde realm, and I brought her over today. Before transferring, however, I went on a spending spree over in Alliance territory. Read on for more.

For a small investment of about forty silver each, I went out a bought:

  • 12 each of the four kitties from Donni Anthania (Elwynn Forest)
  • 12 each of the three moths from Sixx (Exodar)
  • 12 Snowshoe Rabbits from Yarlyn Amberstill (Dun Morogh)
  • Finally, 12 of the two owls from Shylenai (Darnassus)

Now, originally I didn't have much hope in this tactic. Thought I'd just take a risk. But boy has it paid off. I've put each one for 50 gold on the AH which is probably a bit light, but they are selling well. For such a little investment, they are making their money times and times over.

Another tactic that I am going to try once these ones sell off is buying the pets on my remaining alliance toons on my old realm, then caging them over on my Horde and selling them. Anyone could do this, with as low as a level 1 alliance toon if you don't mind some walking.

In other news, I had my first mount flip today that I am pretty proud of even though it's so small a profit. Bought a Sunstone Panther for 17250 gold and sold it for 19.5k ^_^ making an easy 2250 gold profit. Yay for me!

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