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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Skinning Savage Leather in the Firelands! by Dorshii

I have always used mining and herbing as my main source of income but one of my close friends had persuaded me to get skinning on one of my alts. One of his winning points for me was when he showed me when how much he had made during a 1 hour session of farming savage leather. I was pretty amazed when he showed me the screenshot of his backpack after. It was pretty awesome that I just had to show you guys this awesome skinning spot. Find our more after the jump.

Requirements: 520 - 525 Skinning, lots of bag space, food and water and a Potion of Treasure Finding (Optional).

The spot you will be farming this savage leather is in the Molten Front, The Widow’s Clutch. (See image above.) You will be killing the spiders that are spawned around here. They are daily quest mobs so the spawn rate is very fast which means less delay to make your gold :) . But here is an important note, there is always a chance that a person from the other faction could be doing there dailies there and that could force you to to do some PvP action. There’s a pit that’s right in the middle of the area that spawns 3 mobs there at the same time usually so try to aoe those ASAP when they spawn.

On my warrior that is in full Honor gear and some Conquest gear, my usual session will net me about 16 stacks of savage leather, a good 100g worth of greys and if you have the Potion of Treasure Finding on then you can add about 100g-400g more to your profit.

Well I hope this post has helped out you my fellow skinners and hope you enjoy seeing more of me if I decide to post more here. BTW This is also my first post so hope you guys can give me feedback on how I can improve these posts :P

-Dorshii Skullcrusher (H)

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  1. I did try this place for it's skinning potential, but i have to point out that if you are going to go skinning to either make or save some gold i would still recommend the drakes in Deepholme.

    I covered that place in an older post and the reason why i am stating that is a better place is because over there you can get the scales the leather as well as over 1g per kill in liquid gold. And another plus would be that you wouldn't have to worry about the ganking aspect of the farming.

    1. Well variety is always nice but thanks for the post. I will try it out :)

  2. Zero forced PvP on a PvE server :)