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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Journey to Gold Cap by CavalloDeTesta

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Recently, I’ve hit 1 million gold. As an avid player since patch 1.10 (yes vanilla) I take pride in being one of the few players who know what its like to beg for 50g for a respect just so I could raid for that evening’s Molten Core run. Gold in vanilla was extremely rare, almost as rare as the gear that the 1% guilds wore out of Naxxaramas at the time. I used to think that I would never see that content because there was something that was far more important than shiny purples. It happened to be gold. Read on past the jump.

Hearing lore of players that had more than 1k had been flowing through Orgrimmar like a rampant rumor on Twitter. Then, I was a lowly undead male warrior dragging my skinny bones through the city cause I couldn’t afford a mount. One night, I had decided to ask a question in trade that would forever change the feel of wow and empower me to give back when I was rich, someday. “Is str a better stat for an arms warrior than crit”? I yelled into the abyss of the cities chatter. “Yes it is” replied a level 60 orc shaman in a whisper. As we started a real life conversation, I began to tell this friendly stranger of how I’d love to buy better gear through the auction house. However gold was extremely difficult to attain. Back then quests were a mere 50 silver and leveling took months to cap. “Come to the AH and ill trade you something”. I didn’t even know how to invite to a group, let alone find the place. When I arrived, this kind soul restored my faith in humanity. He lent me 100g, and there it was. It was the undying promise that I’d repay him someday. I was so high from the feeling of actually being rich; I knew then that gold was it. The game inside the game.

Wow has been through many transformations since patch 1.10. My old way of making gold gave into the new way. I used to grind out glyphs before they were a permanently learned item. Then came the gem boom. I was able to handle both markets making gold hand over fist. By the end of Wrath, I attained 300k gold and felt invincible (but couldn’t understand how people could see me). As Cata rolled around, the markets started to dry up after the boom of mats that come with the new expansion. The elementium shuffle netted me another 100k before it dropped out, and the glyph market was non-existent. The rumors of a new fangled transmogrification were on the horizon that possibly could be the next big thing.

By this time, I had 500k or so gold before I entered the xmog market. I knew of Jim (@PowerWordGold) and some cute girl named Faid (@GoClockworkRiot) that had tapped into these markets on their blogs, and I started to listen. Jim was the first to admit that the mog market is a slow burn, and Faid, like she always does, already made like 900k gold off it in 2 weeks (she’s good). After trying to rehab my heroin like glyph habit, I saw a post that Faid and Jim were collaborating on that integrated TSM with xmog items. I followed the easy instructions and entered the data into the mod. Before I knew it, I was like a Wall Street titan just waiting for someone to post Jade or Exalted gear for less than 100g for a quick 500% markup. As time went on, I’d scan 2 times a day and snipe item by item. To this day I have over 1,000 xmog items that have netted me my heroic 1 million gold cap. I am also the governor of Mannoroth’s AH (ally) xmog market. I’ve received death threats, warnings and flat out rude responses when I log in. That’s when you know you have made it when you get to this point.

I’d like to thank Jim and Faid for all the hard work they do. It’s not work when it’s a passion, and they both make it look easy.


@CavalloDeTesta – Purpledrannk, lvl 85 Paladin, Alliance of Mannoroth

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