What is the Hatchery?

What's in it for me?

I'm ready to write!

I'm ready to write!

So you're ready to write about gold-making in World of Warcraft?

Awesome! Here's how to do it:

Email your Hatchery post to

That's it. It really is that simple.

Here are a few more things that may help:
  • Include the word "Hatchery" in your email's subject line.
  • Include your name/handle/pseudonym/character in the email. This is the name you would like the submission to be attributed to. Many of us in the community use pseudonyms (flux, Faid, Gimp etc) but one is not required. If you want to use your given name just indicate that in the email.
  • Include any publicly viewable ways for readers to get a hold of you. This may included your twitter, a public email address, a contact page, a blog url, etc.
  • Attach and any images you would like included in the post as well as indicate in your text where they are to go. You must own the copyright to any image you include in you post. If we feel you don't have proper rights to use the image it will be omitted.
  • Include the text of the post including your desired title as well as subject headings. Microsoft Word,, and almost all text files are fine if you prefer writing posts in a word processor first.

A few notes on submissions:
  • Other than some simple formatting your submissions to the Hatchery will be posted as we receive them. 
  • All malformed sentences, misspelled words and extra punctuation will be left intact. Learning how to write properly is one of the things that separate good writers from great writers.
  • That said if after your submission goes live you send us a spattering of things you'd like corrected we will go back and make them (within reason).
  • Worrying about getting the language of your post "just right" shouldn't discourage you from submitting. 
  • Sharing your experiences is much more important than getting a post absolutely grammar-perfect.

How soon will I see my post on the Hatchery?
  • Usually you should see your post go live on the Hatchery within a few days of submission. 
  • If for some reason you don't see it live after 7 days contact us via our facebook page or by mentioning it to us on twitter. Your submission may have been lost in an email spam filter.