What is the Hatchery?

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What is the Hatchery?

What is the Hatchery? - Short version:
The Power Word: Gold Hatchery is the simplest way to get your World of Warcraft gold-making idea published. Write it. Email it to us. We publish it. That's it.

What is the Hatchery? - Long Version:
We love writing about making gold in World of Warcraft. We find it is one of the most rewarding things we do. We love sharing our own gold-making tips tricks and strategies with the gold-making community. That said, taking the time to set up a blog from scratch, lay it out visually and then try to get readers to come read it can seem very daunting.

We feel that there are many out there who have great gold-making ideas but never publish them because of the barrier of starting a blog from scratch. We also feel there are writiers out there who are considering starting there own blog but are uncertain if writing about making gold in workd of warcraft is something they will stick with. Many don't want to start something if they feel it will "fizzle" a short while after they start it.

We feel there are others who have awesome gold-making ideas to share but feel that they don't have enough of them to sustain a full-fledged blog. They would love to write about gold=making but just haven't found the right vehicle to do it yet.

The Hatchery was designed to help the above groups get started writing about gold-making in World of Warcraft in as easy and straight-forward way as possible. We maintain the Hatchery, format and post the submitted posts and the community gets to hear new and exciting voices in World of Warcraft gold-making.

How are Power Word: Gold and The Power Word: Hatchery related?
They are essentially two completely separate blogs that happen to share a domain name. Power Word: Gold ( is our main blog. Posts from The Hatchery ( will not show up on Power Word: Gold.

Two blogs, two sets of posts, two RSS feeds.

There is, however, a chance that a post submitted to the Hatchery will be chosen to be re-posted as a guest post on Power Word: Gold.

Why use the word "Hatchery"?
We love the idea of new writers growing from simple beginnings into great blogging dragons! We created the Hatchery as a safe and supportive "incubation" chamber for those thinking about getting into writing about making-gold in World of Warcraft.

Anyone should feel safe submitting a post to the Hatchery. As it is run as a sub-section of Power Word: Gold the posts have their own RSS feed. The initial groups we see gravitating toward the Hatchery are those just getting started in writing, those interested in new and exciting gold-making ideas an those wanting to help shepherd new writers and bloggers.

If I already have a gold-making blog am I disqualified from contributing to the Hatchery? Absolutely not. We aren't making any hard-rules for who can submit posts to the Hatchery. Perhaps you have a gold-making post that you'd like to see get a bit more exposure than you think your current blog can provide. Submit it to the Hatchery and see what happens.

There has to be some "catch". What is it?
No catch. We think the Hatchery will be the simplest and easiest way for writers who don't already have a gold-making blog to share their writing about making gold in World of Warcraft.

Are the submissions vetted?
Not really. In order to make posting to the Hatchery as painless a process as possible we will be doing minimal vetting of new submissions. That said will reject posts that we feel are out of line with the nature of the Hatchery.

This includes, but is not limited to, submissions that are simply advertisements for a product or service, any submissions that are found to be plagiarized (yes we will be checking), and submissions that are connected in any way with gold-selling services. We have not listed all the reasons a post may be rejected but we expect rejections to be a very small minority of submissions.

I still have questions.
Send any questions about the Hatchery to

What about the future?
We have many more exciting features planned for the Hatchery. Right now we are focusing on getting first functionality completed. As time goes on you should start to see new and (hopefully) exciting things coming out of the Hatchery.

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